7-week Ayurveda based program to help you develop your custom approach to natural well-being.

Your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual components are unique to you and you only; they are in constant interplay, affecting how you perceive and navigate your life and the world. Knowing how those components operate will help you to use them correctly and set the foundations to move forward in life with ease, confidence and positivity.

When you take this program you will be able to:

Understand your unique constitution, strengths & blind spots deeper to make improvements in your life.

Develop a better capacity to manage your own well-being and make conscious decisions about it.

Increase your daily dose of inner peace and happiness and rock life like the pro you are!

Based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, this holistic program is designed to empower you to develop your own approach to well-being through four pillars:



  • Identifying how your own mind works
  • Understanding & finding your own mental balance
  • Integrating powerful mental techniques for well-being and let go of deep seated limiting beliefs



  • Learning to come face to face with your negative emotions and make peace with them
  • Putting into practice backed science techniques to promote emotional balance
  • Improving your social interactions



  • Getting to know your physical constitution
  • Creating physical balance through Ayurvedic wisdom
  • Making gentle diet modifications and lifestyle adjustments to enhance the quality of your daily life



  • Understanding the relevant role of Ayurveda in your life and society
  • Connecting to your inner self
  • Understanding your place in the world better and moving towards your purpose

This is a customized and structured seven-week program:

  • 100% personalized guidance & privacy guaranteed.
  • A flexible, supportive & safe environment to discuss your imbalances & needs.
  • Solutions & advice are practical, natural and cruelty-free.

What will we do for seven weeks?

W1: General Ayurvedic ASSESSMENT

Course introduction, Ayurvedic consultation call, Ayurvedic self-diagnose, 1 lessons to cover the basics of Ayurveda + private call.

W2: Your PHYSICAL/MENTAL components

3 sessions + 1 audio file to find your unique balance through Ayurvedic knowledge, a presentation of powerful mental techniques for well-being + a private call to start designing a healthy routine.

W3: Your PHYSICAL component

3 sessions to learn about Ayurvedic food, yoga and detoxification processes + private call at the end of the week to design a lifestyle regime based on the latter.

W4: Your MENTAL component

3 sessions to learn about your particular mental nature and tools to balance it + private call at the end of the week to check on your progress, clarify any doubts or re-adjust your routine if necessary.

W5: Your EMOTIONAL component

3 sessions +2 audio files to explore your emotional state, how to deal with negative emotions and cultivate a positive resilient mind + private call at the end of the week to check on your progress, clarify any doubts or re-adjust your routine if necessary.


100% practical week to put all tools and recommendations into practice. You’ll get to take the full reigns of your well-being with occasional guidance from me. Private call at the end of the week.

W7: SPIRITUAL component

3 sessions to explore the role of Ayurveda in your life and society, your place and impact in the world + 3 audio files + private closing call to clarify any doubts, answer your questions, etc.

* Program conducted online
* Flexibility with time zone differences
* Guidance also available in French & Spanish

Who is this for?

You’re an open-minded individual feeling the need to bring more balance into your life: better health, a sense of well-being, more happiness and peacefulness, but the kind that stays and that you have control over.

You’ve come to the point where deep down you know something has to change in your life; you need to keep moving forward and you need to do it with ease and confidence. It’s time. No more excuses. But you don’t know how or where to begin. You need guidance, a structure and support, and they must be honest, real and sustainable.

You need this personalized Ayurvedic program to guide you, show you the way and empower you to take charge of your own well-being even after the program has ended.

Gift yourself this life-changing journey.

Book now and learn the precious long-term tools to create your custom approach to well-being of body, mind and spirit.


100% effective online features which include:

  • 1 Ayurvedic consultation (45 mins)
  • 7 private Skype calls (1 per week)
  • 18 self-study sessions
  • 16 empowering homework assignments
  • 5 audio files for further guidance
  • 1 final assessment call


Online & face to face features which include:

  • 1 Ayurvedic consultation (45 mins)
  • 7 private Skype calls (1 per week)
  • 18 self-study sessions
  • 16 empowering homework assignments
  • 5 audio files for further guidance
  • 1 final assessment call
  • 1 Ayurvedic massage with medicated oils (1,5 hr)
  • 1 tailored private yoga class (1,5 hr)

*: for Paris region residents only

What some people are saying...

“I am always amazed at the way Ruth so beautifully weaves all elements of the physical and the spiritual. Her classes are transformative and a memorable experience.”


Heather Olsen-Seabourne, New Zealand

“You’d be hard pressed to find a teacher more dedicated and passionate. Meticulous yet caring and non-judgmental, she’s good at holding a space for each person to learn at their own pace, Two thumbs up!”


Mike Lin, USA

“Just being around Ruth makes me feel relaxed and happy! She is a deeply compassionate soul, an open-hearted truth seeker and adventurer, and a radiant being of light. I always leave her side feeling expanded, relaxed, strong and grateful for her teachings. Don’t miss a chance to enjoy her classes or work with her as a coach!”


Dana Kraft, Mexico

“Ruth’s teachings were an incredible inspiration to me. She creates a peaceful and safe environment. I always left her classes feeling amazing, as though something had shifted in body and mind.”


Kathleen Fleming, UK

Karma Yoga


Proceeds from this program will go to a human, environmental or animal cause of my choice. At the moment I am focusing on a cause close to my heart: a local disadvantaged animal shelter and environmental organization in Nicaragua called Organización Nicaragüense Ambiental.

When you book this personalized Ayurvedic program, 10% of your fee will go to furry friends in need in Central America. For more on Organización Nicaragüense Ambiental, pay them a visit at http://www.orgnicamb.org/

Reach out!

It can be quite a step to invest your hard-earned cash in a program or someone you have never met. I know. Been there, done that, which is why I propose meeting for a video call and get to know one another better. During our call it will be assessed whether you are fit to take the program. No shady business. Promise. Fill out the form below to schedule a call or ask any questions. Looking forward to meeting you!



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