Hi! I'm Ruth.

Let’s talk about the fun stuff first, shall we?!

I was born and raised in Nicaragua but I am pretty convinced that my soul is from somewhere in Asia… and I am now living in Paris. I am crazy in love with nature, the beach, sunsets, the mountains, stargazing, the Universe and anything that sends me on a quest to find out who I really am beyond this physical form.

I laugh often, usually at myself (with kindness of course), baby animals melt my heart, I can’t live without fruit, I love cooking and some people think I’m weird because I do not like chocolate.

Now onto the more serious stuff…

I believe that there is a beautiful sacred consciousness behind life which connects us all, and which is important for our fulfillment and happiness. If only we removed the veils of illusion which obscure our view, we would realize that not only is this sacred consciousness powerful and magical, but that we are also it and thus we are just as powerful and magical. We are powerful and magical beings and we are very much human too. Finding a balance between both is of utmost importance. This is the inspiration behind everything I do in my personal and my professional life.

So having said that, you may want to know that I am a certified wellness consultant as well as a soul development instigator! I have extensive certifications and 10+ years of experience in the fields of Ayurvedic medicine, Yoga, meditation and massage therapy.

In this crazy ride that life is, I want to share with you what I have learned about human beings, Consciousness, life and the magic of it all.

Come on, hop on, it’ll be fun!

To contact me:

+33 7 67 37 43 38

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