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Oracle cards are used as a divination method and a tool to connect to your intuition. The cards contain symbols or archetypes that represent different aspects of the human experience and which reveal the internal journey you’re on and some of the steps you can take to start living your life with more ease, flow and yes, magic.

An oracle reading can help you greatly by giving you new lenses to discover new realms of possibilities and help you move forward when you’re feeling stuck in a certain area of your life.

Consulting an oracle has been around for a long time and the practice can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans who sought advice from the Oracle before undertaking any significant course of action. Shamans in South America have also been known to use coca leafs as an oracle and help other people in their spiritual journey.




Who would benefit the most from an Oracle reading?

Anyone who believes that there is more to what our physical senses perceive and experience. Those who believe in energy and divine guidance and are going through any of the following scenarios:

  • You’re stuck or confused on how to navigate certain scenarios in your life.
  • You’re unsure about where or how to focus your time and energy.
  • You’re unfulfilled in one or several areas of your life (Money, love, career, etc)
  • You’re unable to differentiate between the endless chatter of your mind and the guidance you receive from your intuition.

How does an Oracle reading session work?

  1. Get clear on where you need or want help. Some common areas have to do with approaching wealth, finding a fulfilling career, understanding the nature of your relationships, finding and removing blocks from your path and receiving guidance when faced with challenges. . If you need some inspiration or guidance, here’s a list of questions you can ask.
  2. Contact me via email (Found in the About section) and send me your most question at this time. Write “Oracle reading” in the subject. Also please make sure to include in the email, your full legal name, birth date and a photo of you, preferably a head shot.
  3. Payment, which will be arranged through email conversation must be completed before receiving your answers.
  4. Three days after payment confirmation, you will receive your answers in the mail. (except weekends and holidays).

A single reading session can :

  • help you measure potential outcomes and evaluate influences surrounding a person, an event, or both.
  • reveal the best path to manifest the experiences your soul desires.
  • provide thoughtful and relevant messages to make sense out of any experience you’re currently going through, especially the challenging ones.
  • suggest helpful steps to move forward, grow and evolve your soul.

After the reading you are advised to :

  • spend some time examining and exploring the analogies, stories or key words that came up in your reading and try to intuitively feel how they relate to the subject you were asking about.
  • journal on the information you received: your first impressions, gut feelings, images that come to mind, etc. Do not censor whatever comes, just write it down.
  • build a meditative practice where in silence you can dive deeper into the information that came through the Oracle.
  • On the same journal, keep track of all future Oracle reading sessions so you can now and then look at the patterns that show up in your experience.

Mindful reminder

Oftentimes we human beings want too much detail because we are afraid of doing something wrong or missing something, but this is not so. Many opportunities are always placed in front of us. This is why, an oracle reading will not tell you what to do but instead will show you all the possibilities ahead and suggest the path that offers the most growth for your soul. Also, answers are not as white or black as we would like them to be, instead the Oracle may reveal your answers in the form of analogies, imagery, stories and you are in charge of figuring out how deep their meanings are and how they apply to your experience.

The oracle will only reveal to you messages that are in alignment with your highest good and that of all beings, the messages can also be used as a form of healing and inner observation.

It is very important to emphasize that oracle readings are not meant to be used as a crutch in your journey, but as a powerful tool that can help you make the most out of your experience on earth; the symbols and messages can guide you down a path of more growth, evolution and fulfillment, but never forget that you are always in charge of choosing your own reality and have power over that which you experience.

Oracle readings are NOT meant to replace professional advise, especially that which is of a legal, financial and medical nature. Readings provide you with the energetic point of view of the situation you are asking about.


1. Does an oracle predict the future?

No. Oracles and any other type of divination methods are tools only. We all have free will which can always affect the course of events that will unfold in our experience, and oracles present to us the best way to navigate it only, but we can always choose to not follow the advice.

2. Will an oracle tell me what I should do?

Oracles never tell you what you “should” do because, again, you have been given free will. While you can use the messages you receive through an oracle as a guide to grow and evolve, remember that at all times YOU are in charge of creating your own experience. The Oracle lays out all the possibilities and the path that will offer the most growth, but ultimately you choose what path to take.

3. What if I get the wrong cards?

You will not. The cards you get will always have the biggest meaning for you even if at the time they don’t seem to make sense or if they are not the cards you wanted to see. The universe has a better plan than you do and you are guaranteed to always receive what you need, even if it’s not what you thought you wanted, but be reassured that it is meant  for your highest good.

4. What if the reading doesn’t resonate with me?

It is possible that at the time of the reading, some cards will not resonate right away, nevertheless, you are encouraged to stay open to their meaning as they might prove to be relevant later than the road. You just never know, some people say the Universe works in mysterious ways!

5. what can I ask an Oracle?

Anything. Your questions can be in regards to your relationships, finance, health, work, life purpose and more. However, the Oracle must not be used for frivolous questions or hidden agendas such as gossiping or prying into the lives of others. The Oracle is most powerful and relevant when your questions help you grow as a spiritual and human being.

6. How many questions can I ask?

We only have 45 minutes for a single session, and oftentimes the same question can produce additional questions in regards to the same topic. If you want, you can prepare three questions that have been in your mind, but always start with the most pressing one because it might be all we have time for.

7. What if I am not sure if I believe in oracles?

When you show up to a reading, the kind of energy you put into the session will be reflected back at you by the cards; therefore, if you come with skepticism, then the answers will posses the same quality. In this case you are not advised to proceed with this tool. An open heart and an open mind are of utmost importance to receive guidance.

8. How can I book a session?

Simply send me an email with your questions and three working days after payment has been made, you will receive your answers by email.

Shall you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am at your service.

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