Vegan Meditation Brunch in Paris

6 max

Do you think you can’t meditate? Perfect, this is for you! Do you like food? You’re all set then! Join us for The Vegan Meditation Brunch to empty our minds and fill our bellies with healthy nourishment.

The meditation sessions will be guided by a theme and enough instruction will be given to maintain focus throughout. We will start with a short talk, followed by a guided meditation eventually slipping into a silent meditative state for 20 minutes. We will close off the session with a short Q&A. Then, the reward: Vegan food! And a warm moment together.

Notes :

  • Please bring a vegan snack or meal that you’d like to share with all of us at the end, and thank you for trying to minimize waste and single use containers.
  • Make sure you bring something warm to cover yourself with. Even during summer time, body temperature can drop when there’s no movement. Also, wear comfortable clothes to sit in meditation.

Preparing for the Vegan Meditation Brunch!

STEP 1. Join the Facebook group “Natural Well-Being Paris” where we will announce all things related to The Vegan Meditation Brunch.

STEP 2. Confirm your presence by private message or a comment in the group.

STEP 3. Come!


1. Is this event free?


2. In what language is the meditation conducted?

The main language will depend on the proficiency of the participants. The session will be in English or French or entirely bilingual!

3. How do I join?

In order to attend, please join the Natural Well-Being Paris Facebook group first because this is where we will announce all things related to The Vegan Meditation Brunch.

4. Can I just show up and join?

Please understand that our sitting space is limited and therefore walk-ins are not possible. It is important to RSVP ahead of time.

5. Can I come with a friend?

If you are already part of the Natural Well-Being Paris Facebook group and have confirmed your participation in The Vegan Meditation Brunch, message us to check if there is still room available.

6. What is vegan food exactly?

Vegan food means that it contains no animal products or by-products such as dairy and honey; it also means that we try to minimize any negative impact on the planet due to lifestyle habits. For example, we love avocados as much as the next person, unfortunately they are not very environmentally friendly if they’re being shipped from far away. Let’s try to keep food local and organic as much as possible.

7. Why meditate together?

There are two reasons why meditating together is awesome for everyone involved. The first one is that when you try to meditate oftentimes you will be distracted by thoughts, desires, worries, regrets and more, sometimes you will fall asleep or feel dull or drowsy. When we meditate together and with some guidance, we create a supportive space and learn useful techniques to reduce the obstacles to quieting the mind. The second reason is that you are a being of energy, and when our energies join in the same field of space and time, we create amazingly positive energy in our own fields and that of others!

Whether you are a seasoned meditator or not, you will get something out of this Vegan Meditation Brunch, it may be a quieter mind, more wisdom, more peace, more friends or just simply a full belly…Whatever that may be, we will be delighted to have you meditate with all of us.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Vegan Meditation Brunches in Paris

Join The Natural Well-being in Paris Facebook group to stay up to date with Brunch details.

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